About Proscan

At Proscan NDT we pride ourselves in fast, reliable and cost-effective services. It does not matter whether you may need NDT to be done by one of our technicians or whether your company has its own NDT department, we surely can accommodate your requirements.

Ultrasonic testing (Internal flaw detection), Magnetic Particle Testing (Surface and slightly below surface flaw detection), Penetrant Testing (Surface flaw detection), Thickness Measurements (Plate and vessel wall thicknesses), Hardness Testing (Surface Hardness), as well as NDT Level III services (Services NDT companies require for operating legally) form part of our scope of work. Same day service, travelling to testing sites or customers, flexibility towards types of services and friendly advise are just some of the extras we add to our commitment to you as the customer.

Please fill out our "Request for Quote" form or visit our "Contact Us" page so we may get back in contact with you as the customer immediately. Looking forward doing business!

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