Ultrasonic Testing

Proscan NDT personnel have more than adequate experience to conduct Ultrasonic Testing    on any type of component formed by any process. Types of formed components may include:    Forgings (Black surface or machined), Plates (Black surface or machined), Welds (Any    construction of weld), Bar stock (Black surface or machined), Castings (As cast or machined),    Pressure Vessels (Air receivers, Boilers, Heat exchangers, Oil heaters), etc.

Various types of    probes are used with various techniques as per approved technique sheets, procedures,    specifications and codes. Contact 0° scanning, angulated scanning as well as near surface    scanning using A-Scan equipment can be done depending on the requirements. Flaw    location, flaw size estimation and flaw depth from surface can be accurately performed to    decide on whether parts can be accepted or rejected. Required calibration blocks and    reference blocks are kept handy for these types of determinations. Our A-Scan flaw detectors    are also annually calibrated to ensure that accuracy cannot be compromised.

We also usually    recommend what type of steps to follow when a flaw was found and needs to be eliminated    from a component by means of further machining, grinding, polishing, weld repairs, etc.

Magnetic Particle Testing

One of the more used types of methods and possibly the most familiar way to conduct    surface flaw detection is Magnetic Particle Testing. Proscan NDT makes use of portable    equipment to conduct this surface inspection method on components of any size and shape    or formed by any process.

Types of industries we apply this testing method to is Fabrication    and Welding, Hydraulics, Transmission, Pressure Vessels, Mining Equipment, Pipelines and    also any type of engineering components. Visible contrast as well as Fluorescent techniques    is applied using wet particle suspension magnetic inks together with application of    alternating current to locate surface or near surface discontinuities. When depth needs to be    measured from surface into a material we make use of Ultrasonic Testing for accuracy    thereof. Only important factor with this method is that the surface areas to be examined   needs to be adequately prepared for proper results.

Liquid Penetrant Testing

Another method of testing materials for surface discontinuities would be that of Penetrant Testing. Just as with Magnetic Particle Testing the visible contrast as well as the Fluorescent Penetrant methods can be applied to customer parts for detection of open to the surface discontinuities.

 Our technicians also make use of portable kits to conduct this method on components of any shape and size. Surface preparation plays a vital role as the slightest unnecessary dirt on the surface will cause the penetrant to adhere to the surface and be displayed on the results as possible flaws. It is usually preferable to have the components machined and in the case of welds, the slag or scale needs to be removed first. Penetrant testing is also usually conducted on non-magnetic types of materials as they cannot be tested by the Magnetic Particle Testing method.

Thickness Gauging

One of the techniques of the Ultrasonic method which can be utilized for other purposes than to find internal discontinuities is the Thickness Measurement technique.

 Checking for corrosion, wall thinning, delaminates on composite structures and general thickness readings can be done using our simple to use portable equipment. Any type of solid material can be tested in this way. The only important factor that needs to be taken into consideration is that sound travels differently in different materials. Multiple readings can be obtained and stored for later download and reporting. Thickness readings from less than 1.0 mm with much greater distances are possible to obtain using our equipment. Another important factor playing a role with thickness measurements is that the surface needs to be adequately prepared as other than the normal materials will interfere with the readings obtained.

• Visual Inspection

• Hardness Testing

One of the newer services which we provide is Hardness Testing. Although not fully part of NDT, this service is mostly required for testing surface hardness. We can provide accurate readings of surface hardness if the surface areas to be inspected are smooth or can be polished smooth.

Results are given immediately and can also be stored on the device used for later download should there be a big number of readings taken. As this service will be required more often by our clientele we will obtain more and more effective equipment as we are currently using the most basic type of device

• NDT Level III related Services - UT, MT & PT

We provide any service associated with Level III functions to individuals, companies or whoever may require its usefulness. Training, qualification and certification of NDT personnel; Procedure writing, review or approval; Audits or assessments on NDT personnel or departments; Assistance in setting up of new NDT sections or companies; Failure investigations of components; and general NDT Level III consulting form part of the services we offer herewith.

Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Penetrant Testing methods can be covered by our NDT Level III for any of the abovementioned services required. Our NDT Level III has more than 15 years’ experience in the following industries: Special Steels, Forgings, Welding, Plate sections, Fabrication, Transmission, Castings, Pressure Vessels, and any type of Engineering components. Familiarising with newer methods, techniques and equipment is of utmost importance to us as we would like to provide our customer base with the best possible service. Should there be any new field or components which we never inspected or dealt with before, we will make it our mission to gain adequate knowledge to serve our customers’ needs.

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Ultrasonic Testing

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Magnetic Particle Testing

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