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Proscan Nondestructive Testing Services was established in 2002 by Ferdi van Tonder in Boksburg. Initially only Ultrasonic Testing and Magnetic Particle Testing were conducted at customer sites.

After many years of building experience and knowledge in various industries, we have now extended our services, customer base and expertise to much more due to ever increasing demands from clients. Any type of component with no limit of size can be tested by our technicians using portable NDT methods at customer sites. Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing, Thickness measurements, Visual Inspection and Hardness Testing can be provided for testing services.

We also provide NDT Level III services whereby Qualification and Certification of NDT personnel, Procedure & technique sheet writing and approval, NDT Level III consultancy, NDT Audits, setting up NDT departments for companies as well as investigation into failures can be offered as a more advanced type of service.

Magnetic Particle Testing
UT Testing Magnetic Particle Testing on Gear Wheel Penetrant Testing Ultrasonic  Testing

Proscan NDT personnel have more than adequate experience to conduct Ultrasonic Testing on any type of component formed by any process. Types of formed components may include: Forgings (Black surface or machined), Plates (Black surface or machined), Welds (Any construction of weld), Bar stock (Black surface or machined), Castings (As cast or machined), Pressure Vessels (Air receivers, Boilers, Heat exchangers, Oil heaters), etc.

Magnetic Particle  Testing Penetrant  Testing

One of the more used types of methods and possibly the most familiar way to conduct surface flaw detection is Magnetic Particle Testing. Proscan NDT makes use of portable equipment to conduct this surface inspection method on components of any size and shape or formed by any process.

Another method of testing materials for surface discontinuities would be that of Penetrant Testing. Just as with Magnetic Particle Testing the visible contrast as well as the Fluorescent Penetrant methods can be applied to customer parts for detection of open to the surface discontinuities.

Thickness Testing Thickness  Testing

One of the techniques of the Ultrasonic method which can be utilized for other purposes than to find internal discontinuities is the Thickness Measurement technique. Checking for corrosion, wall thinning, delaminates on composite structures and general thickness readings can be done using our simple to use portable equipment. Any type of solid material can be tested in this way.  

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